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A Full-Line Offering

Match the specific needs of your operation by choosing from the most comprehensive range of forklifts and warehousing euipment on the market.

You'll find Johnson Lift/Hyster products suitable for handling all types of palletized or non-palletized loads.

  • Hyster pallet trucks offer a variety of options for transporting loads over short and long distances in the warehouse.
  • Stackers and reach trucks are ideal for storing and retrieving loads from racking.
  • Our order pickers and very narrow aisle (VNA) trucks enable efficient order fulfillmemt when collecting multiple items from different storage locations.
  • The range of counterbalanced forklifts is suited to a multitude of applications including loading/unloading, shuttling and stoage of raw materials, finished goods and production materials.
  • Different wheel/tire and energy types cater for a full spectrum of indoor and outdoor operating envirenments.
  • For the specific needs of handling empty and laden containers, Hyster offers a range of dedicated container handling trucks and reach stackers.